Cybersecurity Consulting and Strategic Advisory Services

Transformation of a retail pharmacy from bankruptcy to profitability within 12 months

Managed global teams in excess of 700 employees

Directed HR functions in 12 countries

Led the development and sale of 19 software patents and invention disclosures

Strategic team member on 40+ M&A transactions totaling more than $1B

Conducted business in US, EMEA, and China

12 years in digital media production, creative services and digital marketing

Founded a PaaS software company, digital marketing firm and creative services company attracting acquisition offers of $12M, $14M and $28M

Plastics Manufacturer grew revenue from $17M to $35M in 24 months

Commercial Printer transitioned from losing money, to profitability, and a liquidity event

National Health Care Centers went from breakeven, to profitability, to a liquidity event

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