KENT POTTER - Co-Founder

Kent Potter is a business strategy and transformation consultant to senior executives and leadership teams in cybersecurity, technology, automotive, virtual learning, healthcare, and the speciality products industry. Kent has founded five companies and has served on the Board of Directors of six companies spanning multiple industries.

Leveraging over twenty years in global marketing, creative services, human resources and business development, Kent works closely with clients in all aspects of strategy and leadership development including high growth, reduction, transformation, and through mergers and acquisitions.

Kent is an award winning filmmaker and photographer, Director of a globally distributed documentary, Co-Founder of a record label, created a virtual learning library (PaaS) for the global Autism community serving over 180 countries, holds two patents (#10264270 and #9936205), led the development and sale of 19 patents, built a music and animated video network serving children's hospitals in the United States, and has extensive marketing and human resources experience in both public and private companies.

Kent has led human resources and OD functions in 12 countries for employee populations exceeding 60,000 people and has worked extensively in the areas of human behavior and performance management.

Patent Number #9936205: Method and Apparatus of Creating Media Content April 3, 2018 Current U.S. Class: Computer-to-computer Direct Memory Accessing (709/212) 
International Classification: H04N 9/04 (20060101); H04N 19/162 (20140101); H04N 19/12 (20140101); 

Patent Number #10264270: Method and Apparatus of Creating Media Content April 16, 2019 Current U.S. Class: Accessing A Remote Server (709/219) 
International Classification: H04N 9/04 (20060101); H04N 19/162 (20140101); H04N 19/12 (20140101); 

Strategy, Organizational Design, Human Resources and Talent Development
Mergers and Acquisitions
Extensive Marketing and Operations Experience
Software Development: Led the development and sale of 19 patents and invention disclosures
Award-winning filmmaker & photographer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology // Leading Change in Complex Organizations 2006

Baylor University // Bachelor of Arts // Communications 1992 - 1995

Jim Potter - Co-Founder

Jim Potter is Co-founder of The Potter Group, LLC headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Jim has been leading management teams, turn-arounds, and entrepreneurial ventures for over 40 years. Known for his strategic thinking and culture transformation, Jim has been sought out to lead companies in the education, technology, manufacturing, retail, printing, and health care industries. 

Jim’s extensive experience in leadership development has led to the creation of custom solutions for corporate and non-profit entities alike. During the past decade, Jim has played a strategic role with groups like, KidLinks and The Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University.

Known for his ability to build world-class management teams and for implementing winning organizational structures, Jim brings a wealth of proven experience and successful methodologies to each client engagement. 

Jim has served on the Board of Directors/Trustees of ExpoSkill, ImagineVLE, The Potter Group, The Methodist Foundation, Promise House, Trinity River Mission, 3D-Orthopedic, Occupational Health Centers of the Southwest and CEO IQ.

His passion for serving others and developing people is at the core of his success in building successful, profitable companies and institutions. Jim is a graduate of Texas Tech University and the SMU Graduate School - Dispute Resolution Program.